Friday, August 07, 2020

There are number of topics listed below. Each student is obligated to prepare a short essey on a chosen topic, as well as a presentation for the group. The essey should be few pages long, prepared with proper academic approach (e.g. references). The presentation is for fellow student, therefor it should be more student friendly than fully professional and hard to comprehend.

Both, the essay and the presentation, have to be sent through the work submission form no later than by May 30th.

  1. History of computers
  2. Memory types - survey over nowadays solutions.
  3. Memory management.
  4. Who was von Neumann? Impact of his research on computer development.
  5. Datatypes
  6. Virtual machines - idea and implementation.
  7. CPU or GPU what is the best for cryptocurrency mining?
  8. Quantum computing.
  9. Superscalar CPU.
  10. Operating systems - definitions, aims and functions.
  11. Input/Output devices form the operating system perspective.
  12. Process and program - what are the differences, how do we manage both of them?
  13. Threads, multithreads - Linuks and Windows approach.
  14. File systems.
  15. Linuks for dummies - short introduction for Windows users.
  16. OS for dummies - short introduction for Windows users.
  17. Windows for dummies - short introduction for...

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